Wednesday, September 16, 2009

004; Heart of a Lion

So since early 2009 I have been watching this lovely man named Kid Cudi. He is a rapper, but so much moooore. He released a mix tape, which, in my opinion, is the best mix tape ever made, ever! And these lyrics...LISTEN. And with a sample of Band of Horses The Funeral Cudi has these lyrics in his song called The Prayer: "all along, all the while, ’til I’m gone, I'll make my words important so if I slip away, if I die today, the last thing you remember won’t be about some apple bottom jeans with the boots with the fur." OH MY GOD. BOW DOWN TO KID CUDI. Really.

His album which dropped yesterday actually leaked about ten days before then, and when I checked his twitter to see what he though about it...what does he say "my album leaked on a full moon :) wicked." HE IS THE COOLEST DUDE, EVER. And he is so interested in the cosmos it is adorable. But anyway, back to his album. It is spectacular and when I have the money I plan on actually buying the hard copy. :)

The best song on the album in my opinion is Soundtrack 2 My Life.

Listen to it. Please. I beg you. I don't even want to spoil you by talking about it. Just know. It is the very best.

Monday, September 7, 2009

003; Day Dreams

Laura Marling, pictured to the right with one of my favorite instruments ever - the french horn, is a 19 year old from England who happens to share my birthday. But more importantly, she is an amazingly gifted singer/songwriter who shows understanding beyond her years (I should know, since we're the same age). Her debut album, Alas I Cannot Swim, came out last February, and I had listened to it then, pretty casually, but for some reason never noticed this song.

Night Terrors - Laura Marling

I am really really enjoying it right now. The lyrics are hauntingly sad and her voice wobbles in a way that makes you want to know her pain, to sympathize with her situation. There is a break after the repeat of the chorus where a folky, yet powerful violin solo occurs, it is beautiful and the component that drew my attention to the song in the first place. One thing I really like about Night Terror, that I think is different than an average song, is that she uses very interesting rhythmic components. There is a bit around 0:55 that is A++. All in all it's just good music.

Next time I promise to post a song that isn't so dark. I swear, all the music I listen to isn't this depressing.